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It is possible to transfer files irrespective of file formats. You can transfer up to pictures within one minute without using mobile data from iPhone. It is also possible to manage camera of the connected device with peer permission to generate customized QR code. The integrated GPS connectivity helps you to find nearby devices easily. You can protect important files and make use of the phone replicate function. With Send Anywhere, you can send images and videos in original size from iPhone to your laptop or PC including the ability to share them with friends.

You need not login and register for the purpose of sharing. It is possible to configure 6-digit key to send and receive files. Also it can generate share link, which will be valid for 48 hours. The app will also sends a notification to your iPhone that enables you to receive files without providing a key. The Send Anywhere app provides support for multi-language subtitles. You can also play music files with the help of the integrated music player on iPhone freely.

With the help of the Portal app, you can transfer single and multiple files from iPhone easily. Well, you will be happy to learn that there is a solution, and it is Wi-Fi File Transfer. Transferring files via Wi-Fi is convenient, fast, easy and quite user friendly. The best part is the speed at which a file is transferred is not dependent on your internet connection. There are two ways a file can be transferred from a device such as your PC or Mac to another device such as your iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch, or indeed the other way around.

You can choose between either of the following options. In this guide the application I have chosen to discuss is WiFi Transfer for iOS , but there are many and more applications to choose from in the App Store. In the second option, a dedicated application will replace the web interface with a more user friendly layout.

‎Air Transfer - File Transfer from/to PC thru WiFi on the App Store

For the purposes of this guide, I have chosen to discuss InstaShare for iOS as the application taking care of the file transfer for us, and I have found this application to be particularly easy to use. The applications mentioned above are simply examples, and I would urge you to explore the various options which are available on the app store as there could be another application which better meets your needs.

Transferring a file with a web interface is generally fully accessible and it is as easy as adding an attachment to an email.

As mentioned, In order to enable such a web interface, you need to download an application such as WiFi Transfer. WiFi Transfer is a free and very easy to navigate iOS application, and there is an optional in-app purchase to upgrade to the Pro version. In my experience, you can transfer almost any file using WiFi Transfer, but this does not mean almost any file will open within this application. For example, I may be able to transfer an executable file, disk image or application file using this method, but none of the afore mentioned files will open on an iOS device.

It is also important to note, for the file transfer to be successful, you must keep your iOS device open while the transfer is taking place. It might be a good idea to turn off the auto lock feature when you are planning to transfer a file. Getting the file from your iPhone to another PC or Mac is as easy as selecting the name of the file, which just happens to be a link.

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The file will begin downloading exactly like if you were downloading a file from a website or Dropbox. It is also possible to transfer a file between two different iOS devices using WiFi Transfer, and this is accomplished by scanning a QR Code with the iOS device that you want to share a file with.

Please follow the below steps to transfer a file from one iOS device to another. WiFi Transfer is developed by Notable Group, and while it is not related to file transfer, another Notable Group application which may be of interest is Snippets. This application is expertly demonstrated by AnonyMouse of the AppleVis Team on a podcast which I would encourage you to listen to.

Snippets was originally called TextSync, but the developer decided to change the name for reasons unknown. The said aspect is the built-in Photo Transfer option which is offered as an additional feature, but the same action can be performed manually from the standard Photos application if desired. The iOS version of InstaShare is free with an optional in-app purchase for ad-removal, but the said advertisements should not affect the accessibility of the application.

However, InstaShare is accessible on Mac, and there is one unlabelled button which is basically the only button you need to use. With the afore mentioned assumptions in mind, please follow the below steps to transfer a file from your Mac to your iOS device using InstaShare. As mentioned, it is possible to transfer a file from your iOS device to your Mac, and to do so please follow the below steps. It is also possible to transfer a file from one iOS device to another using InstaShare, and to do this follow the above steps replacing your Mac with the other iOS device.

Aside from temporarily disabling the auto lock feature which I previously mentioned to ensure the file transfer is not interrupted, there are 2 points I would like to make you aware of regarding InstaShare. For example, I have transferred mp3 files to my iOS device, and I have opened them in another application to be able to listen to them while my device is locked. Secondly, if you are running InstaShare on a Mac and there are several iOS devices, there does not seem to be a way of choosing the device which you would like the file to be transferred to.

To overcome this I just make sure that I have InstaShare open on only the device I want to transfer the file to. Recently, I decided that I would remove all music from my iPhone, and store everything on my iPod Touch which has more storage. Read More inside the app you can use it to assign tags and favorites, as well as moving files and folders , but you can also drag files to and from the Files app with ease.

Files Free. And now it has upped its game with a host of new features. Let's explore. Read More , the official app for iPhone and iPad will be enough for you. You can open a file, preview it in Dropbox, and use the Share menu to quickly open it in a supported app. For example, if someone shares a Pages document with you through Dropbox, you can open it right into the Pages app using the Share sheet. This removes any need to jump between apps. Dropbox also has an offline feature.

iPhone File Transfer

In the free plan, you can only save individual files for offline access. Dropbox Free. You can import PDFs from cloud services, local servers, or from your computer. Then, you can use GoodReader to organize your files in folders. The app also makes it easy to annotate PDFs.

It has a simpler, more visual UI that helps you accomplish many of the same tasks.