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That Pinball Arcade also includes step-by-step explanations of every feature on every table only makes it more appealing.

4 October, 2018

It's only Black Hole that stands out as a less successful addition. Not only is it at least 15 years older than the other tables, it plays completely differently. With virtually no table furniture and few special features, it puts the emphasis on the long game. Its greatest innovation - and no doubt the reason it's included here - is an inverted secondary table underneath the main floor.

Points scored down here are banked and only cashed in once you lose a ball. Upping the multiplier and taking frequent trips into this under-zone are the secrets to cracking this tough and unforgiving table. It's not that Black Hole is a bad table, but much like including Donkey Kong in a compilation of s arcade games, it's an awkward fit with the other three, given their higher level of polish and crowd-pleasing accessibility. There's value in seeing Black Hole as a history lesson, but it may have worked better as part of a vintage-themed DLC pack in the future.

Even with that minor criticism, this is an undeniably strong line-up to start with and there are hours of pleasure to be found on all four tables. The Pinball Arcade gets the important stuff right, but lets itself down slightly by failing to apply that same attention to detail across the whole experience. With a stark front end and plain menus, this is a bland compilation that betrays its low-budget roots.

The snippets of history - including an original flyer for each table - are a nice touch but feel like a half measure. If celebrating the pinball genre is the goal, something a little more lively and interactive would do more to encourage novice pinball fans to learn more about the hobby. Certainly, there's nothing in the menus that aficionados won't already know. The package also does a poor job of recreating the community spirit that surrounds pinball. Local four-player and online leaderboards are the closest it comes to capturing the high score wars that form a key element of pinball fandom, and it's the only area where FarSight's effort feels noticeably inferior to Zen's Pinball FX, with its Superscore metagame and multiple social features designed to keep rivalries simmering.

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Against such shrewd use of the always-connected online world, Pinball Arcade can't help but feel a little old-fashioned and sterile. It's hard to dwell on missed opportunities when a game gets the core gameplay so right, though. The emulation is superb, the physics are spot on and the prospect of more tables to come is downright tantalising.

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Includes 33 Steam Achievements. Stern Pinball Arcade Genre: Casual , Simulation Developer: Share Embed. Free to Play.

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The Top Ten ‘Pinball Arcade’ Tables You Should Grab Before They’re Gone

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