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For more info, kindly visit https: Posted by Dr Habermann. Great list, thanks. Surprised not to see this great CDS app, clinical decision support for Internal Med diagnosis support and more, https: More from Health Data Management. February February 7.

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February 6. February 5. Another way medical apps will help patients in the future is by drastically increasing patient safety. Medical apps will help alleviate this confusion in the future by serving as the central hub for all the details patients need for a fast and healthy recovery. Patients will only have to take care of the most urgent or important one or two top tasks, and the app will manage everything related to patient safety and recovery by itself.

Such advances will be increasingly beneficial for patient safety. Think of the problems surrounding basic access to healthcare that are challenges for various communities, even in the U. Before these healthcare apps, doctors and patients had to be in the same place face-to-face for treatment to happen. That limiting requirement is eliminated because appointments to discuss everything from test results, concerns, follow-ups, medication and exams can be done virtually through the app. This unprecedented type of access will be a blessing for those who live in rural areas and those who live in war-torn or poverty-stricken areas in the third world.

Case studies have shown that patients recording info into their apps report more honest and reliable info than what they actually tell their doctors or healthcare professionals monitoring their progress. As such, apps will become the go-to patient diaries for candid info that patients might have trouble sharing with doctors face-to-face. Doctor visits are expensive, but medical apps are here to change that significantly in the near future.

Some of the changes are already happening right now. Take the appropriately titled Dr. Now , an app that allows patients to connect with their physicians over their smartphones through a video consultation. This UK-based medical app even features a specific cost calculator that invites users and patients to determine how much they can save per year with this app. Since staff sickness—employees calling in sick for short durations of a few days—is what Dr.

Staff sickness is what costs the average business almost pounds per absent employee. MeMD is a service that provides virtual consultations with doctors anytime and anywhere. You can download its app on iTunes right here.

Mobile Health Apps and Technology

Besides these useful services, there are also rich statistics to confirm how beneficial medical apps are. Back in , already one in six doctor visits were virtual , clearly indicating that this phenomenon is more than a trend. With the increased control patients enjoy over their healthcare and the cost savings they receive from medical apps, patient demand for these apps is on the rise.

Wrap your head around this figure: To put this into perspective, consider that, as of June , there are 2 million apps in the App Store alone. The top ten mobile health apps produce 4 million free and another , paid downloads each and every day. Not only is there a market for this type of app, but the market is large and strong. It seems like doctors are resigning themselves to the inevitable, namely that medical apps are the future, and they want to be part of that. This is more good news for patients, as it seems that the last thing patients want is for doctors to resist this sea change.

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  7. It may not be the wisest move for doctors to continue to be slow in advancing toward this more empowered, medical-app model of the near future of healthcare. Consider the following data:.

    How the Future of Healthcare Will Change Your Life

    One of the most important things that any medical-app maker has to know about is the potential Food and Drug Administration regulation of their app. The easiest way for you to generally avoid running afoul of the FDA and getting entangled in legal wrangling is to steer clear of claiming that your app is meant to diagnose a certain disease or condition or to treat, mitigate, cure or prevent an illness.

    Your medical app can be considered a medical device and is thus under FDA regulation if it can be used to:. They have to fall under these three criteria:. The usability of medical apps is getting to the point where entire tests that you once had to go to your doctor to do can now be done right through your smartphone. Simple attachments are usually all that it takes to supercharge your phone into a portable laboratory of sorts. This can help save lives, as some blood tests center around life-and-death matters.

    Introducing Liver Space Pediatric Health App

    Picture these smartphone attachments for everything from basic blood tests for kidney, liver and thyroid function to urine, breath and sweat analysis. There's also an added bonus: The cost-saving implications of these attachments, both for patients and medical labs. One of the better examples of this breakthrough is the HIV-reading smartphone dongle that attaches to the device quickly and easily. Not only does it give out readings in just 15 minutes, but its cost savings are also incredible.


    Delivering a better experience when your patient needs you most can be a game changer for many practices. During and after a stressful visit, spoken information can overwhelm and a handful of pamphlets can get misplaced.

    Mobile Devices and Apps for Health Care Professionals: Uses and Benefits

    To enhance the knowledge of your patients, you should share appropriate educational material for your patients to view on their patient portal mobile app. The right mobile EHR app will allow practices like yours to upload audio, video and reading material that is customized for each patient, per their preferences. In addition, you can also integrate survey questionnaires into the mobile app to receive and measure patient satisfaction through feedback regarding various areas of your practice.

    For instance, drchrono mobile EHR app allows physicians to send a document to their patient or save the document to their favorites for future requirements. Help your patients be more informed about their own health by leveraging functionalities of healthcare mobile apps. Mobile apps will soon dominate a medical practice by allowing both physicians and patients to do tasks such as help monitor medications, schedule appointments, e-prescribing, follow-up with physicians and patient engagement.

    Using a mobile app, small medical practices like yours can achieve better-coordinated clinical workflow and real-time access to patient health information, meaning patients receive an extraordinary healthcare experience. Industries Construction Medical Retail. Being able to complete tasks on-the-go and having access to real-time information has become a necessity in medical practices today: Deploying software that integrates mobile technology, such as mobile patient portal or mobile EHR apps, can bring your practice up to speed.